Finally, a Realistic Budget Template! 

If You're Making Good Money Already and Want to Take it to the Next Level by Optimizing Your Money:

  • Learn how to know where your money is actually going
  • Step by step process financial blue print to be confident in how you're managing it
  • Start saving more money for the most important things to you


Who is Mandyy Thomas?


I am an Online Financial Coach who helps people who make good money but don't know where it goes, to get clarity and create a plan to keep more of it. 

Working together I help you to make progress and reach your goals and feel confident with how you are managing your finances.


From mastering my own financial situation I have been able to:

  • Save a quarter of a million dollars+ by age 26
  • Graduate post secondary education, DEBT FREE two times
  • Leave a 6 figure income to go back to school while owning a home
  • Pay 2/3 of my brand new SUV in cash
  • Put my brother through his first year of school
  • Pay over $20k in out of pocket health expenses when I was not working, without going into debt
  • Sponsor a child in Mali even when I was away at school with no income
  • And much more!

The average amount of debt my clients pay off is $28,613!!!

I'm Ready to Get Ahead Financially!